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From the WPSA President

The Western Political Science Association would like to announce the selection of new editors for the Political Research Quarterly:

Charles Anthony (“Tony”) Smith
Editor in Chief
University of California, Irvine

Angelia Wilson
University of Manchester

Stephen Nuno
Northern Arizona University

Jami Taylor
University of Toledo

Julia Jordan-Zachery
Wake Forest University

Wendy Wong,
University of Toronto

Davin Phoenix,
University of California, Irvine

Heather Smith-Cannoy,
Arizona State University

Christopher Stout,
Oregon State University

Jennifer Garcia,
Oberlin College

Andrew Flores,
American University 

The Smith team was approved by the WPSA Executive Council at its October 2021 meeting. The team will be replacing Seth C. McKee (Texas Tech University), Toby J. Rider (Texas Tech University), Frank C. Thames (Texas Tech University), Sophia Jordán Wallace (University of Washington), and David Lay Williams (DePaul University) at the conclusion of their term in July 2022. The association would like to thank Seth, Toby, Frank, Sophia, and David for their service as PRQ editors. During their tenure, the five editors oversaw a continued expansion in the quality and reputation of the quarterly. Their work has been stellar, and the association is very appreciative of all that they have done.

The association would also like to thank Efrén Pérez, University of California, Los Angeles, for chairing the PRQ Editor Search Committee, and the other members of the committee:

Val Martinez-Ebers, University of North Texas
Stephen Nicholson, University of Georgia
Angela X. Ocampo, University of Michigan
Luke M. Perez, Arizona State University
Brent Steele, University of Utah
Richard Clucas, WPSA Executive Director

Finally, I would personally like to thank all the applicants for the editor position. The WPSA and PRQ could not succeed without the support of individuals like you. I thank you for applying and hope to continue seeing you play an important role in the association.

Congratulations, Tony, Angelia, Stephen, Jami, Julia, Wendy, Davin, Heather, Christopher, Jennifer, and Andrew. All of us involved in the association look forward to working with you.

Ricardo Ramirez, WPSA President
University of Notre Dame

Instructions for Accessing the Journal on line for our Members

Political Research Quarterly (PRQ) is a refereed scholarly journal publishing original research in all areas of political science. Published quarterly in association with the Western Political Science Association, PRQ is one of the top ranked journals in the field. The journal publishes scholarly research of exceptionally high merit that covers the entire range of topics and subjects in political science, including

* American politics
* International relations
* Comparative politics
* Public policy and public administration
* Political theory and philosophy
* Public law
* Gender and sexuality
* Race and ethnicity

In addition to original research articles, collections of articles on a common theme or debate, to be published as short symposia, are welcome. Symposia submissions will undergo the same review process as individual manuscripts. Important debates between scholars or responses to controversial articles will also be published.

Under new editorship in 2007, PRQ will continue its tradition of excellence by publishing high-quality research that makes substantive contributions to our understanding of politics. The journal especially encourages research that is problem-driven and that utilizes multiple methodological and theoretical frameworks to address major political problems or puzzles. More generally, the new editors seek to make the quarterly better reflect the diversity of the discipline of political science and to better serve the full range of political science scholars as a meaningful arena for discussions about leading research and scholarship. For more information go to https://journals.sagepub.com/loi/PRQ or contact the Editorial Office.

Instructions to Access the PRQ Journal online:

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