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Donations to the Western Political Science Association provide much needed support to ensure the association's long-term financial security, to underwrite the cost of special programs, and to fund the awards given out at the annual meeting. Click here now to make a donation online. If you prefer to make a donation through the mail, send your check or credit card information to:

Western Political Science Association
4211 Corona Way
Sacramento, CA 95864

There are several funds that are supported by contributions from association members and others:

The WPSA Endowment Fund

The WPSA Endowment was created to provide a financial reservoir to help protect the long-term security of the Association and to fund special projects. Your generous contribution to this fund enables the WPSA to better handle unanticipated challenges and to launch new projects and programs that benefit the association and its members.

The Fund for Asian Pacific Americans

The Fund for Asian Pacific Americans will be used to support Asian Pacific American Caucus (APAC) research and education efforts broadly, to serve as awards for scholarship and service, and to subsidize meetings, events and publicity.

Betty Moulds Lifetime Service Award

The Betty Moulds Lifetime Service Award will be given to individuals who have made a long history of service and an extraordinary contribution to the WPSA. The award is named in honor of Betty Moulds, who served for 25 years as the chief administrator for the WPSA. The award is funded entirely through an endowment, so your contribution is critical to its success. The award will not be given until the endowment reaches its funding goal.

Joel Olson Award Endowment

This endowment was created to fund an award honoring Joel Olson, an associate professor of political theory at Northern Arizona University and a long-time WPSA member. The award is for activist-scholars whose work is at the creative intersection of radical political theory and practice. The Joel Olson Award is also entirely through an endowment. The award will not be given until the endowment reaches its funding goal.

Award Funds

Historically, the association has funded most of its annual awards out of its general operating budget. However, the association has begun to accept donations that will be set aside for underwriting the cost of these awards. The association hopes to eventually raise a sufficient amount of money so that these awards can be funded entirely through the interest generated through contributions. Your generous support for these awards helps ensure that there will be adequate funding in future years. Donations can be directed to the following awards:

Betty Nesvold Award (Women and Politics)
This award is for the best paper on women and politics presented at the previous annual meeting of the WPSA. The award is named in honor of Betty Nesvold, a long-term member of the association who played an important leadership role in improving the status and treatment of women political scientists.

Blacks and Politics Award
The Blacks and Politics Award is given to an outstanding paper that focuses on issues and problems that concern Black Americans.

Dissertation Award
The Dissertation Award is given to the best doctoral dissertation completed at a university within the regional groupings of the WPSA between July 1 and June 30 of the previous academic year.

Don T. Nakanishi Award for for Distinguished Scholarship and Service in Asian Pacific American Politics
This annual award will recognize outstanding scholarship or service advancing the understanding or practice of Asian Pacific American politics. The recipient will be someone who has made a significant contribution to the understanding of Asian Pacific American politics (scholarship that examines more than one ethnoracial group is also eligible), or whose professional work has made a substantial contribution to the practice of Asian Pacific American politics

Environmental Political Theory Award
This award is presented to the best paper in environmental political theory presented at the annual WPSA meeting.

Latina/Latino Politics Award
This award is for an outstanding paper on Latina/Latino politics that is presented at the annual meeting.

William E. Connolly Award
This annual award is for the best political theory paper in contemporary democratic thought, whether recognizing daring and innovative work by a young scholar or a bold new line of inquiry by an established scholar. It is named after William E. Connolly, world renowned political theorist, revered teacher and mentor, and long-time WPSA member.

WPSA Virtual Communities
WPSA Virtual Communities bring WPSA members together in virtual meeting rooms at regular intervals throughout the year. The primary goal of WPSA Virtual Communities is to provide additional opportunities for intellectual exchange beyond the yearly in-person conference. Such opportunities may be of particular benefit to those who find it difficult to travel to the conference because of distance, financial cost, time constraints, family obligations, holiday conflicts, personal and public health challenges, national and international travel restrictions, the carbon impact of air travel, or any other reason. Regardless of one’s ability to attend the in-person conference, though, WPSA Virtual Communities can also benefit members by enabling forms of scholarly engagement beyond those possible during a 3-day annual conference, democratizing accessibility to professional networks, broadening participation in WPSA, and providing more time and space to deepen intellectual exchange.