The WPSA has two different travel grants programs.

Elsa Favila Travel Award

The Elsa Favila Travel Award is open to any member who is participating in the annual conference as a paper presenter, discussant, or in another capacity that entails considerable work at the meeting. Members cannot receive the award if their only participation is as a panel chair. For more details about the award and the application process, including the criteria, visit https://wpsanet.org/award/elsa_awards.php.

Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Travel Award

The Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Travel Award is for undergraduates who are participating in the annual poster session. The award is funded by Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honor society. Two awards are given out each year. To find out more about this award, visit https://www.wpsanet.org/award/travel_grant.php.

Travel Grants for Using Mass Transit

The WPSA Executive Council approved a proposal in April to provide travel grants to participants who use mass ground transit to attend the 2025 annual conference in Seattle, Washington. Individual travelers can be reimbursed up to $250 if they travel a minimum of 30 miles by bus or train.

The Council’s action was taken to promote and encourage lower-carbon forms of travel to the conference. Flying to and from academic conferences increases the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. Since most emissions occur on takeoff/landing, short regional flights are especially inefficient. Regional bus and train travel causes significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions. The reimbursement is designed to help lower the association’s climate impact and to encourage more climate-friendly travel. The action was proposed by the association’s Climate Action Committee. The Council set aside $10,000 from the association’s Climate Action Fund to pay for the travel grants.