On the day before the start of the annual meeting, four WPSA-affiliated groups will hold virtual workshops to share research and address issues of common interest:

1) Environmental Political Theory
2) Feminist Theory
3) Latina/o Politics
4) Interpretive Methods

Announcing the Twenty Third Annual
Wednesday, April 5 - 9:00AM-5:00PM (PST)

Location: Waterfront B

Stephanie Erev, University of Copenhagen,
Anatoli Ignatov, Appalachain State University,

The 2023 WPSA Environmental Political Theory (EPT) workshop gathers together an interdisciplinary group of environmental political theory scholars. We convene a one-day workshop to talk about our research, pedagogies, and the intersections between our academic work and the unfolding experiences of climate change around the planet. The workshop this year includes a keynote talk by William E. Connolly entitled “Amitav Ghosh and the Time of Climate Wreckages,” a roundtable on the recently published Palgrave Handbook of Environmental Politics and Theory, and conversations with Bay Area activists about contemporary environmental and justice issues. We welcome anyone interested in these lively conversations. Independent scholars and graduate students are welcome.

The in-person session is scheduled to begin at 9:00am PST and end at 5:00pm PST with a few coffee breaks and a lunch break. We are also organizing a dinner together at 6:30pm. Please contact the organizers if you are interested in joining for dinner.


Wednesday, April 5 - 1:30PM-6:00PM (PST)
Location: Garden A/B

Lorna Bracewell, Flagler College,
Sara Rushing, Montana State University, Bozeman,

The book we'll read and discuss is Feminism in Coalition: Thinking with U.S. Women of Color Feminism by Liza Taylor. Megan Gallagher will be our designated discussant for this work. The article we'll read and discuss is "Navigating the 'Darkness': Feminist, Trans, and Queer Comedy Against Ideology" by Alena Wolflink. Rose Owen will be our designated discussant for this work.

Schedule for the day:

1:30pm - 2:00pm – Coffee, snacks, social

2:00pm - 3:30pm - Book session (Liza and Megan)

3:30pm - 4:00pm – Coffee, snacks, social

4:00pm - 5:00pm – Article session (Alena and Rose)

5:00pm - 6:00pm – General discussion (Possible topic: Surviving the backlash as feminist scholars and educators); organizational meeting.

Megan Gallagher, The University of Alabama,
Rose Owen, University of Chicago,
Liza Taylor, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona,
Alena Wolflink, University of Denver,


Wednesday, April 5, 2023 - 9:00AM-2:00PM (PST)
Workshop Activities Entirely on Zoom

REGISTER HERE: Click Here to Register for the Zoom Workshop

Questions? Contact Dr. Chris Olds, Fort Hays State University,

Present innovative works in progress from emerging and established scholars in Latina/o/x Politics, as well as provide a platform for people to obtain mentoring on research, teaching, academic service, and career opportunities inside and outside of the academy.

Schedule for the day:

9:00am - 9:03am – Introduction

  • Greetings from committee chair and brief overview of workshop activities.
  • Presenter:
  • Dr. Christopher Olds, Fort Hays State University,

9:05am - 9:43am – Religiosity and the Information Environment

  • Presentation #1: "El Voto Americano: How Does Religiosity Affect Partisanship Among Latinos?"
  • Presentation #2: "Latinos’ Unique Information Environments and the Spread of Misinformation"

9:45am - 10:28am – Collective Movements and Intersectionality

  • Presentation #1: "Refusing Respectability Politics, Embracing Intersectionality - LGBTQ+ Black and Latino Activism in Historical and Contemporary Perspective"
  • Presentation #2: "Intersectional Politics - The Indirect Effect of Perceived Group Efficacy and Perceived Responsiveness on Latinas' Support for Pro-Women Policies"

10:30am - 11:58am – A Matter of Policy: State Politics and Demographic Change

  • Presentation #1: “Latinos and Politics/Policy in the U.S. States - ‘Faces of Inequality,’ Continued?”
  • Author:
  • Dr. Rodney Hero, Arizona State University,
  • Presentation #2: "The 'Great Replacement' and Reproductive Politics - Latino Population Growth and White Support for Legal Abortion"
  • Presentation #3: "The New American Electorate - Latino Politics in Arizona"

12:05pm - 12:58pm – Mentoring Session

  • Mentees that sign-up have an opportunity to talk about research, teaching, academic service, and career opportunities in an informal setting with participating mentors.
  • Mentor #1: Dr. Lisa García Bedolla, Vice Provost & Dean, University of California, Berkeley,
  • Mentor #2: Dr. Vanessa Cruz Nichols, Assistant Professor, Indiana University,
  • Mentor #4: Dr. Angela X. Ocampo, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin,

1:05pm - 1:55pm – Public Opinion and Preference Formation

  • Presentation #1: “The Wall Between Latinos and Latinas? Gender and Immigration Attitudes among Latino/a Voters”
  • Presentation #2: “Diversity in Latinx Americans’ Political Preferences – A Conjoint Experiment on Candidate Assessments”

1:58pm - 2:00pm – Wrapping Up

  • Closing remarks on discussions from the workshop and a reminder of in-person WPSA events/panels.
  • Presenter:
  • Dr. Christopher Olds, Fort Hays State University,
  • Congratulations to the 2022 Latina/o Best Paper Award Winners
  • Winners:
  • Dr. Alison Gash and Dr. Daniel Tichenor, University of Oregon, for "Dreamers, Queer Kids and the Politics Youth Make"
  • Honorable Mention:
  • Dr. Celeste Montoya, University of Colorado Boulder, for "Sí, Ella Puede! Social Movements and Latina Legislative Leadership"
  • 2023 WPSA Committee on the Status of Latinas/os in the Profession
  • Dr. Ken Fernandez, College of Southern Nevada
  • Dr. Brad Jones, University of California, Davis
  • Dr. Monica Lombana, Edmonds College
  • Dr. Christopher Olds (chair), Fort Hays State University
  • Dr. Mara Cecilia Ostfeld, University of Michigan


Wednesday, April 5 - 12:00PM-3:00PM (PST)
Location: Waterfront A


Sarah Marusek, University of Hawaii Hilo,
Farah Godrej, University of California, Riverside,

The 2023 WPSA Interpretation and Method pre-conference workshop on Wednesday, April 5, from 12-3 pm, will showcase recent books that use one or more interpretive research methods in an explicitly interpretive methodological approach to its empirical topic. In a kind of "speed dating" fashion, each author will have 7 minutes to introduce their book topic and discuss its interpretive dimensions. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the authors and discuss more general methodological questions once books have been presented. Come join us to learn more about new books in interpretive political science!