San Fransico, CA



April 9 - 11, 2020

The Western Political Science Association will host its 2020 annual meeting at the J.W. Marriott, L.A. Live, hotel in Los Angeles, California. Please make plans to attend and invite others to Join us.
Meeting Information

Opportunities for Workshops, Mini-Conferences, and Special Events

The annual meeting not only presents an opportunity for traditional research presentations and panels, but also a place for interested groups to schedule special events and workshops. On the Wednesday right before the conference begins, there may be some space available to accommodate groups who wish to hold workshops or offer short courses. In addition, if you are part of research community that is interested in holding a meeting in the spring, we may be able to accommodate your group by coordinating a mini-conference within the conference. The association does not charge for providing the space and support for these mini-conference, though the attendees are required to register for the WPSA meeting. There is also the opportunity to host receptions, business meetings, and special events. For information about these opportunities, please contact Richard Clucas, WPSA Executive Director, at

WPSA Anti-Harassment Policy


The Western Political Science Association was created for the purposes of promoting the study and teaching of government and politics, to foster research, and to facilitate the discussion of public affairs. The Association promotes these purposes in the spirit of free inquiry and free expression. The primary event in which WPSA members gather is at the Association’s annual conference. Harassment of colleagues, students, or other participants at the conference, or at any other WPSA-sponsored event or forum, undermines the principle of equity at the heart of the Association’s principles and is inconsistent with the principles of free inquiry and free expression. Consequently, harassment is considered by the WPSA to be a serious form of professional misconduct.

The WPSA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming conference environment for all participants, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, or religion.

“Participant” in this policy refers to anyone present at or directly involved in WPSA meetings, including staff, contractors, vendors, exhibitors, venue staff, WPSA members, and all other attendees.

2. Expected Behavior

All participants at WPSA meetings are expected to abide by this Anti-Harassment Policy in all meeting venues including ancillary events and official and unofficial social gatherings.
• Abide by the norms of professional respect that are necessary to promote the conditions for free academic interchange;
• If you witness potential harm to a conference participant, be proactive in helping to mitigate or avoid that harm;
• Alert conference or security personnel if you see a situation in which someone might be in imminent physical danger.

3. Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behaviors include:
• persistent and unwelcome solicitation of emotional or physical intimacy;
• persistent and unwelcome solicitation of emotional or physical intimacy accompanied by real or implied threat of professional harm;
• intimidating, harassing, abusive, derogatory, or demeaning speech or actions by any participant in an WPSA meeting and/or at any related event;
• prejudicial actions or comments related to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, or religion that coerce others, foment broad hostility, or otherwise undermine professional equity or the principles of free academic exchange;
• deliberate intimidation, stalking or following;
• harassing photography or recording;
• sustained disruption of talks or other events;
• physical assault (including unwelcome touch or groping);
• real or implied threat of physical harm.


The Western Political Science Association would not be successful without the generous assistance of a number of outside groups.

We would like to thank the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of San Diego for the financial support it provided for our annual meeting held in San Diego, April 18-20, 2019. The university’s continuing support over the years is much appreciated.

The Pi Sigma Alpha Lecture by UC President Janet Napolitano was one of the highlights of the conference. We want to thank the Center on Global Justice at UC San Diego for co-sponsoring the talk.

The WPSA has been taking steps to improve the services we provide to community college faculty. We would like to thank the American Political Science Association for supporting the community college mini-conference.

Finally, we would like to thank the following exhibitors and advertisers for their participation at our annual meeting:

Cambridge University Press
Oxford University Press
Palgrave Macmillan
Sage Publications
Taylor and Francis/ Routledge
Temple University Press
The Scholar's Choice
The University of Chicago Press
University of Minnesota Press

The contributions made by these are very much appreciated. Again, thank you.