Political Theory
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Community co-chairs:

  • Yuna Blajer de la Garza (Loyola University Chicago)
  • Glenn Mackin (University of Rochester)
  • Jamie Mayerfeld (University of Washington)
  • Lucia Rafanelli (The George Washington University)

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Community focus and purpose:

The purpose of this VC is to foster intellectual exchange, professional support, and collective learning for scholars of political theory.

In particular, we hope that the VC will create a community for political theorists in far flung locations, generate constructive feedback to scholars developing work for publication, help us learn about developments in the field, and provide mentoring for scholars at all stages of their careers.

Types of events planned:

Colloquia, reading groups, mentoring, open discussions, community-building meetings, social/networking events.

How to stay informed about this virtual community:

Please join our mailing list if you are interested in the Political Theory Virtual Community. While participation in the events is limited to full WPSA or WPSA VC members, we will circulate information about our upcoming events through the mailing list. To attend an event, make sure to sign up for or renew your WPSA membership. We encourage those who can to become full WPSA members; however, if full membership is too expensive, please consider joining as a VC member (for between $10 and $35 per year).

How to join this virtual community:

Regular WPSA membership dues include participation in the Virtual Communities program along with discounted registration fees to WPSA’s in-person conference, subscriptions to its two journals, and eligibility to participate in all other WPSA activities. For scholars and students who are interested in participating only in the Virtual Communities, WPSA offers a limited membership that does not include any other benefits. We encourage everyone who can to join WPSA as a full member to help sustain the Association.

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