Tables staffed by Publisher Representative:

Individual 6' draped tables


Twin 6' draped tables side by side


Three 6' draped tables arranged in a "U" or "L"


*Note: Exhibitors are responsible for their own shipping and hotel handling costs.

Tables Staffed by WPSA: If your organization is unable to send a staff member and you wish to have books displayed, we will make it possible for you to present these books to the attendees. We create a table display for this purpose that we staff.

Price Per Title (Books are to be donated for our graduate students)


Tabletop display of four or more titles plus a full page ad


Copies of journals, fliers and order forms are also distributed


**Publisher responsible for own shipping costs.

Titles for WPSA Authors: The WPSA has an exhibit table devoted to WPSA authors. If you are a publisher and one of your authors has ties to the WPSA, we would encourage you to consider displaying the authorís book at this exhibit table. The cost of exhibiting is the same as for the general table staffed by the WPSA. Individual authors are also welcome to display their books at the same rate. This is a good way to give recognition to WPSA authors and to reach an interested market.

Book Roundtables/Author-Meets-Critics: Each year, several roundtable discussions are presented at the annual meeting in which the participants discuss a significant book in the discipline or where a book author meets with a group of panelists to discuss her or his book. If you are a publisher and one of your titles is the focus of a Roundtable discussion or an Author-Meets-Critics panel, we encourage you to consider running an advertisement for the book in the program, along with information on the time and location of the discussion or panel. If you are not planning to attend the conference in person, then the title can be displayed at the table staffed by the WPSA. This is a good way to encourage more awareness of your titles that have made a critical contribution to the discipline.

To find out about purchasing an advertisement along with your tables, see the information on Program Ads.



Further Information

For information on Program Ads, Meeting Sponsorship, and other forms of support, please see the drop-down menu above for Exhibitors/Sponsors. If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Julio Castilleja at info@wpsanet.org. You may also reach me at (503) 438-8868.