Pandemic Inequity
Virtual Community


Community co-chairs:

  • Kelliann Beavers (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
  • Magdalena Martinez (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Contact information:

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Community focus and purpose:

The pandemic touches every aspect of our lives, and political scientists will be exploring its relevance for decades to come. This VC allows for learning and dialogue around specific ways the pandemic has amplified inequities that existed before the pandemic, and/or created new kinds of inequity. We explore creativities and challenges born from the pandemic, as well as how experiences of democracy are shaped by pandemic inequity. We recognize that the pandemic and associated inequities are a worldwide experience with local nuances, distinctions, and subtleties. This VC reaffirms commitments to strive toward a more just and equitable present and future society – with consideration of this Covid pandemic, and of inequity as a pandemic in and of itself.

Types of events planned:

  • Discussion of works relevant to pandemic inequity, including but not limited to published books, articles, active research, or works in progress (may be through reading groups, facilitated community dialogue, opportunities for Q&A with visiting presenters, panelists, authors, or other leaders).
  • Roundtables and/or fireside chats with leaders working within a range of relevant areas impacted by this societal crisis and by steps toward recovery (i.e. relatively informal presentations by a speaker or multiple speakers).
  • Open discussions about pandemic inequity (focused around a continued challenge, shift, innovation, policy area, event, social movement, film, question, or other item of interest).

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