Environmental and Climate Justice
Virtual Community


Community co-chairs:

  • Jeff Feng (Northwestern University)
  • David Herrera (Brown University)

Contact information:

Jeff Feng: jeff.feng@northwestern.edu

David Herrera: david_herrera@brown.edu

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Community focus:

This virtual community will engage with the fields of environmental and climate justice, which address the ways systems of power create vulnerability in marginalized communities, produce unequal exposures to environmental hazards, and contribute to different forms of resistance. We invite scholars of or working on settler colonialism, racial capitalism, abolition, reparations, intersectionality, disability justice, queer and trans ecologies, ecofeminisms, political ecology, community-based participatory research/participatory action research, or those interested in these frameworks. Foci will range from social movements, coalition building, the relationship between climate science and justice struggles, policy agendas, demands, & implementation, to political representation as it relates to climate and environmental justice.


  • Bridge the subfield of environmental politics to race and ethnic politics (REP), Indigenous politics, sexuality and politics, disability and politics, intersectionality, gender, and other subfields concerned with justice.
  • Encourage collaboration across subfields working on aligned topics.
  • Develop theories around environmental and climate justice within and outside of political science and tackle questions of what environmental and climate justice contributes to political science, and vice versa.
  • Create a network and community for scholar-activists, activist-scholars, or activists normatively committed to advancing environmental and climate justice in practice.
  • Create an engaged and supportive community where all stages of ideas are welcome.

Please Note: We will be collaborating with the separate but complimentary VC, Environmental & Climate Change Politics, co-chaired by Juliet Carlisle and April Clark. Please contact us or see the virtual communities calendar for joint events. We hope that you join both virtual communities!

Types of events planned:

We will facilitate different types of events, including panel discussions, brainstorming sessions, scholar and activist dialogues, movement strategy meetings, peer and graduate mentoring, networking, and other events that community members are interested in holding.

How to join this virtual community:

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