Environmental & Climate Change Politics
Virtual Community


Community co-chairs:

  • Juliet Carlisle (University of Utah)
  • April K. Clark (Northern Illinois University)

Contact information:

Juliet Carlisle: juliet.carlisle@utah.edu

April K. Clark: aclark9@niu.edu

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Community focus and purpose:

This virtual community is a place to foster engagement with topics related to environmental and climate change politics.

Our Focus:
  1. Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination
  2. Interdisciplinary Approach
  3. Subnational, National, and International
Community Purpose:
  1. Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration
  2. Research Advancement
  3. Networking and Partnerships
  4. Public Awareness

Please Note: We will be collaborating with the separate but complimentary VC, Environmental and Climate Justice, co-chaired by Jeff Feng and David Herrera. Please contact us or see the virtual communities calendar for joint events. We hope that you join both virtual communities!

Types of events planned:

We will be hosting and coordinating a variety of activities including works in progress, roundtables, open discussions, mentoring sessions and social/networking events. We will strive to support the events that best serve the members of this community.

How to join this virtual community:

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