Chairs Responsibilities
The primary responsibility of the chair is to oversee that the session runs smoothly and productively. It is important that the format of the panel, including the length of presentations, be agreed in advance of the conference, instead of the few minutes before the session begins. Please work closely with your discussant(s) on these points. The chair is responsible for introducing the session and its participants, managing the timing of the presentations, and making sure the discussion proceeds in a productive manner.

Duties of the Discussant
Discussants critically evaluate the panel's research papers. Discussants cannot perform their task effectively if they do not receive panel papers in a timely fashion. Therefore, we are encouraging authors to send electronic or hard copies directly to all discussants as soon as possible to ensure that you have ample time to review before the Annual Meeting. Authors have also been instructed to forward a final copy of their paper to each panel member as well as to the panel chair by this date. If you do not receive a copy of a paper, we encourage you to contact the author directly. Along with critically evaluating each paper, the discussants should also ask panelists about how their findings can be used in the classroom.