The $250 PI SIGMA ALPHA award for the best paper presented at the 2003 WPSA meeting in Denver was awarded to: Sarah A. Fulton, University of California, Davis, for her paper: “Becoming a Woman of the House: A Model of Gender and Progressive Ambition.”

The $250 DISSERTATION AWARD for the best doctoral dissertation completed at a university within the regional groupings of the WPSA during the previous academic year was awarded to: Dr. Tamir Moustafa, University of Wisconsin-Madison, for his dissertation: “Law Versus the State: the Expansion of Constitutional Power in Egypt, 1980-2001.”The dissertation was completed at the University of Washington.

The $250 BETTY NESVOLD AWARD (WOMEN AND POLITICS) for the best paper on women and politics presented at the 2003 WPSA meeting was awarded to: Professor Jane Bayes, California State University, Northridge, for her paper: “Building Scattered Solidarities Among the Different: Transnational Feminisms in the Globalization Era: An Overview.”

The $250 AWARD BY THE COMMITTEE ON THE STATUS OF BLACKS, given for an outstanding paper discussing issues and problems that concern most Black Americans was awarded to: Dr. Joel David Bloom, University of Oregon, for his paper: “The Principle-Policy Puzzle Revisited II: Raw Racism, Symbolic Racism, and Ideological Conservatism, 1990-2000.”

The $250 WPSA BEST PAPER AWARD ON LATINA/LATINO POLITICS, given for an outstanding paper on Latina/o politics and its relative aspects, was awarded to Robin Jacobson, University of Oregon, for her paper “Characterizing Consent: Race, Citizenship and the New Restrictionists.”

The $250 CHARLES REDD CENTER AWARD, given for the best paper on the politics of the American West presented at the previous WPSA annual meeting, was awarded to: Professors Matthew Whittaker and Gary M. Segura, University of Iowa, and Shaun Bowler, University of California, Riverside, for their paper “Racial/Ethnic Group Attitudes Towards Environmental Protection in California: Is “Environmentalism” Still a White Phenomenon?”

The $1000 POLITICAL RESEARCH QUARTERLY BEST ARTICLE AWARD for the best article published in the PRQ during the previous calendar year was given to Professors Mark Peffley, University of Kentucky; and Robert Rohrschneider, Indiana University for their September 2003 PRQ Article, “Democratization and Political Tolerance in Seventeen Countries: A Multi-level Model of Democratic Learning.”