MARCH 27-29, 2003

The $250 Dissertation Award for the best doctoral dissertation completed at a university within the regional groupings of the WPSA between July 1, 2002, and June 30, 2003 was awarded to: Dr. Randa Carolyn Issa for her Dissertation: “Constituting Popular Sovereignty: Contests Over Institutional Authority in the Early American Republic.” Completed at: University of Southern California, May 2002

The $250 Pi Sigma Alpha Award for the best paper presented at the 2002 WPSA meeting was awarded to: Daniel Engster, The University of Texas at San Antonio for his paper Can Care Ethics be Institutionalized? Toward a Caring Natural Law Theory* (Click the paper title to view a PDF version of the paper) [*A revised version of this paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Politics, where it will appear as “Care Ethics and Natural Law Theory”].

The $250 Betty Nesvold Women and Politics Award for the best paper on women and politics presented at the 2003 WPSA meeting was awarded to: Professor Ange-Marie Hancock, Pennsylvania State University, for her paper: “Intersectionality, Critical Theory and Research Methodology”

The $250 WPSA Best Paper Award on Latino/Latina Politics for an outstanding paper on Latino and/or Latina politics was awarded to: Professor Melissa Michelson, California State University, Fresno, for her paper: “Getting Out the Latino Vote: How Door-To-Door Canvassing Influences Voter Turnout in Rural Central California”

The $250 Award by Committee on the Status of Blacks for an outstanding paper discussing issues and problems that concern most Black Americans was awarded to: Dr. Linda Lopez, Director, Professional Programs APSA and Professor Adrian D. Pantoja University of Connecticut for their paper: “Beyond Black and White: A Comparative Analysis of Anglo, African American, and Latino Support for Racial Hiring and Promotion Preferences.”

The $1,000 Political Research Quarterly Best Article Award for the best article published in the Political Research Quarterly during 2003 was awarded to: Professor Lisa Schur, Rutgers University, Labor School of Management and Labor Relations, Todd Shields, University of Arkansas, Douglas Kruse, Rutgers University, and Kay Schriner, University of Arkansas for their March 2002 Article, “Enabling Democracy: Disability and Voter Turnout.”

The $250 Charles Redd Award for Best Paper on the Politics of the American West for the best paper on the politics of the American West presented at the 2002 Annual Meeting was awarded to: Professor Diane-Michele Prindevelle New Mexico State University, for her paper: “Feminist Nations? A Study of Native American Women in Tribal Politics”.