Environmental Political Theory
Virtual Community


Community co-chairs:

  • Ross Mittiga (Catholic University of Chile)
  • Andy Scerri (Virginia Tech)

Contact information:


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Community focus and purpose:

The EPT Virtual Community will workshop new, unpublished works in the area of Environmental Political Theory and host discussions of EPT-centered interdisciplinary collaboration.

Types of events planned:

We will have monthly events organized into four-session “seasons.” Each season will feature three works-in-progress sessions and one session on interdisciplinary collaborations. Papers for works-in-progress sessions will be circulated in advance.

Format for works-in-progress sessions:

  • [5-10 minutes] Author introduces and contextualizes the work, highlighting areas of particular concern.
  • [10-15 minutes] Pre-selected volunteer discussant begins the conversation by identifying key problems or raising questions.
  • [65-75 minutes] Audience Q&A, moderated by the group’s co-chairs.
Format for interdisciplinary collaboration sessions:
  • [15-20 minutes] Presenter(s) offer a case study of interdisciplinary collaboration, highlighting challenges and/or lessons learned.
  • [70-75 minutes] Group discussion, moderated by the group’s chairs.

How to join this virtual community:

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